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Collaborative Divorce

This directory serves as a resource for any couple who have come to the conclusion that divorce seems to be their ONLY answer. While we do NOT promote divorce, and believe that some marriages can even be saved, we DO believe that couples who conclude divorce is the only solution are provided with a method – the collaborative divorce process - that allows them to do so with dignity. We also believe that through the collaborative law process, you have a better chance of restoring your [future] life and having a better co-parenting relationship (if you have children) with your former spouse while maintaining your sanity, your child(ren)'s well-being, and minimizing the depletion of your savings and/or retirement.

The list of professionals that follow have been specifically trained in and practice the interdisciplinary model of collaborative law. This model is a team approach which includes each party's attorney, a financial professional and a mental health professional, who serves as a coach for the parties and the team as a whole. Marriage is [usually] an emotional decision, and so is divorce. Rather than fueling the divorce process with endless depositions, motions and hearings, interrogatories, and other litigation maneuvers, those of us who are listed below are committed to serving you and your family in a more diginified manner and will use our best efforts to resolve the issues that have led to the desire for a divorce, WITHOUT the pain of litigation.

For further information about collaborative law, please go to or contact one of the listed professionals on this directory.

Collaborative Professionals


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